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Minutes of the last Alumni Association meeting, May 15, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President, Debbie Malone, at 6:30pm in the Alumni Room. Members in attendance were Starla Daniels, Norma Thompson, Mickey Paugh, Cindy Hamrick, Jim Bowman, Mickey Arco, Pam May, Alice Bowman, Tim Paushel, Karen Drain, Debbie Malone, Steve Glass and Cindy Glass.

The President gave an update on the health of Treasurer, Doloris Baker. She then gave some information on a purchase of a cabinet for the Alumni Room which was bought at Champion Industries and stated that everything is now out of the closet and stored in the cabinet. The Alumni Association received a donation of $5000 from Helen Stydahar's family after her death. Also, pictures were transferred to disc by MCM at the cost of $113.42. There was no information on the VanGuard account at this time. Cindy Hamrick made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Mickey Arco. All were in favor.

The minutes from the last meeting held in October, 2012, were read by secretary Starla Daniels. There was a change in the date from 2012 to 2013. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Pam May and seconded by Steve Glass. All were in favor.

Under Old Business: The lift chair was still having problems so Maxine Weser had someone look at it and they replaced the chair. Maxine has asked the Alumni Association to pay for the servicing of the chair every other time it is serviced. It was the understanding of the committee that by paying the initial $3800 for the chair, we would not be liable for any other payments. Secretary will look back at old minutes to see if there is a reference to this.

Under New Business: Penny at Wesbanco suggested that we have someone step in for Doloris Baker as temporary treasurer so we have someone else to sign checks. Mickey Arco agreed to do this temporarily. President Debbie Malone suggested that all officers be on the list to be able to sign checks as necessary and that we stop into Wesbanco to sign the cards within the next 2 weeks. Steve Glass made a motion that all officers have the ability to sign checks but that the primary officers should be the President and Treasurer. This was seconded by Pam May and all were in favor.

There was also discussion on getting the documents which are now filed in a fire proof box at the Shinnston Baptist Church. Debbie said we need to get those as soon as possible and place in another location. Someone mentioned a safety deposit box but Steve Glass said we could run into trouble with that. Some discussed getting a fireproof box and keeping it in the Alumni Room. Alice and Jim Bowman agreed to purchase a box and will be reimbursed for this. Cindy Hamrick made the motion to buy a fireproof box and to keep documents at the Alumni Room. It was seconded by Mickey Paugh and all members were in favor.

Donations are being requested by the Stydahar Field Committee to help replace the sod on the football field. Debbie Malone said she was approached by Jim Scudere for a donation. Steve Glass said he would contact John Marchio for information on recognition and to find out more about this corporation. A motion was made by Steve Glass to donate $2000 toward this cause and is was seconded y Mickey Paugh. It was also discussed by the members to allow the Stydahar Committee to put a blurb on the SHS Alumni website. After discussion, it was unanimously agreed that we should not give our member database to this committee. All were in favor.

Steve Glass, Chairperson for the Nominatiing Committee, read a report on the officers slated for next year. The Nominating Committee consisted of Steve Glass, chairperson, Helen Paugh and Joan Arco. The proposed slate of officers running unopposed are as follows: President, Debbie Malone; Vice President, Alice Bowman; Recording Secretary, Starla Daniels; Membership Secretary, Pam May; Treasurer, Doloris Baker; and Interim Treasurer, Joan Arco. He recommended that we accept the slate of nominations for officers. All members were in favor. Nominations were then closed. 

President Debbie Malone mentioned that there is a room downstairs in the Museum that has a bathroom and a kitchen which we would be able to use for our meetings. All members were in agreement that we should start meeting there.

The next meeting was scheduled for October 9, 2013, at 6:30pm in the museum conference room. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm.


Starla Daniels
Recording Secretary

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